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We’re interested in the ways that nature and the built environment shape each other – and the research and innovative practices that are driving us to develop more resilient cities that incorporate natural elements.


Why "Remarkable Objects"? Trees, plants, and other natural elements are amazing. They transform sunlight into energy, make people calmer and happier, clean our air and water, and provide food to living things (including us).


An “object” isn’t just a thing, though, it’s also a goal – the object of Blackjack is to get 21. The object of a newspaper is to report on significant events. And the object of our guests is to influence the way we think about, design, and build the urban environment. Remarkable indeed.

Remarkable Objects is produced and edited by Leda Marritz, with editorial assistance from Aylara Odekova, and is a production of DeepRoot Green Infrastructure. DeepRoot provides landscape solutions and technical support services to promote mature tree growth and sustainable stormwater management in the built environment. Find out more here.

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