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Season 1

Trailer: Introducing Remarkable Objects

Episode 1: Quantifying the Landscape (Barbara Deutsch, Landscape Architecture Foundation)

Episode 2: The Mighty Green Street (Robert Goo, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Episode 3: Hacking the City (Robin Abad Ocubillo, San Francisco Pavement to Parks)

Episode 4: Creativity and Constraints (Randy Neprash, Minnesota Cities Stormwater Coalition)

Episode 5: Is Tree Planting Equitable? (Shannon Lea Watkins, University of California - San Francisco)

Episode 6: Undiscovered Country (Jonathan Russell-Anelli, Cornell University)

Episode 7: People Habitat (Kaid Benfield, Placemakers)

Episode 8: Seeing the Forest and the Trees (Jennifer Greenfeld, NYC Parks)

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